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I have a urlrewrite that rewrites my urls like




I'm trying to understand what are the pros / cons if any of having it like


instead of


Does it make any difference for search engines and is there anything i'm doing wrong with this?

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Just pick one. (Read: you're putting too much thought into this.)
They're not different enough to matter, and whatever benefit one might have over the other isn't going to be enough to offset the time spent debating.

I would actually ask why you're retaining the id value at all.
It doesn't serve any apparent purpose, and if you end up migrating to another CMS/whatever in the future, you may end up with new ID values, resulting in new URLs, broken links, waiting to get re-indexed, etc.

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i'm not indexing ids with the titles.... i'm using the iis7 urlrewrite feature so i have to retain those. I'm not that familiar with apache. From what i understand i can index them with apache but not with iis7 urlrewrite – robert May 31 '12 at 23:11

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