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I know what AdRoll is, but I have visited one of the my favorite blog and click on the AdChoice overlay and it is showing AdRoll.

  1. Is AdRoll operating a ads network? (I think it is no)
  2. Is AdRoll buy the Adsense inventory on behalf of the user? Can they allowed to modify the AdChoice overlay?
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I also facing the same issue. My adsense PVs have also dipped and they are half of the PVs in Analytics. I dont know what is wrong. But am trying to trouble shoot. – user36955 Mar 14 '14 at 10:03

AdRoll is a technology platform that is integrated with over 40+ ad networks. We're able to use real time bidding to purchase media for our clients at the most effective rate possible.

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Alex, thanks for the information. You mentioned Real time bidding? do Adroll bid in batch or just for that particular user? Is the AdChoice overlay permitted by Google? – Howard May 31 '12 at 13:41

Adchoices is a neutral 3rd party. It's part of the industry self regulation effort to ensure ad targeting companies are compliant with privacy best practices.

Adchoices is simply a way that any advertising company can provide privacy and opt out info for users. AdRoll complies with the industry privacy best practices.

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