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I'm just wondering If a website has a 30% non English content, will the Tribal Fusion Ad Network still accepts it's application.

My website has a 30% non english content and 70% english. I don't want to submit my application because if they reject my application, i'll be waiting again for the next 6-8 months for reapplication.

This might be my 2nd time to apply to Tribal Fusion. The first time, i got rejected is because i dont meet the 500K unique visitors /month. As of today, I am hitting the minimum unique visitors per month.

I just need to be sure and very careful. please understand... Can somebody shed some light here?

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Here are their published requirements. I see nothing about language. Nobody who isn't a representative for the company can tell you anything more than that. If you have further questions about their requirements, contact them directly.

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