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Or, asked another way:

Where are the values for MS Front Page Substitions (Site Parameters) stored? (so that I can edit in Web Expressions)

Background I'm ashamed to admit that I've been maintaining our company's website in MS FrontPage for over 9 years. I'm moving it to Expression Web, which will display the Substitutions (stored as Site Parameters) but I can't figure out where to edit them.

I tried searching the source folders for the website (on my development PC) for the name of the parameter (s-Variable=hoursOfOperation) but did not find it (other than in the files it was actually used in.

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The FrontPage Substitutions are stored in a text file: _vti_pvt\service.cnf

You can just edit it with notepad. Obviously, pay attention to how they format it. I'd recommend that if you're adding a substitution, copy an existing one and change it.

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Here is a doc file.

Also have a look at;

Migrating from Microsoft FrontPage to Microsoft Expression Web - Part1

Microsoft Expression Web: Taking Over From Frontpage and Taking On Adobe

Hope this helps.

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I read 'em. They don't address how to edit the Site Parameters. – Clay Nichols May 26 '12 at 19:20

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