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I have a perculiar issue. In IE8 standards mode text replaced by Cufon.Replace works roughly 50% of the time, the rest of the time the DOM modifications are there (viewed through IE developer toolbar in IE8) but no text actually appears.

Sometimes have to refresh the page a number of times to be able to recreate it; others it works first page load - this is the case for a site you have never visited.

The Cufon.Replace isn't throwing an exception or producing any other issue. Googling hasn't helped - others mention issues in IE8, but this lack of text is permanent and not just a slow loading issue.

EDIT: Interestingly wrapping the Cufon.replace in the $(document).ready(function(){}); stopped it from ever working! Something in the DOM is to blame... I presume

EDIT 2: Applying the Cufon.replace manually once the page has fully loaded works. This is strange. Is there a later event than ready?

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You do say it's permanent, and not just a slowness to update. But...:

  • Does the second call to Cufon, as described in "Step 4 – Make Internet Explorer behave" in the docs help?
  • Does the HTML validate?
  • Are you using an "advanced" selector so that a selector engine (like jQuery's) needs to be loaded, and could there be a race condition with this load?

If none of the above helps, then maybe you should whip up a minimalistic demo page showing the issue, and write to the Cufón mailing list.

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1. Yes, it is permanent. 2. No - unlikely to; issues with image tags - so not related to Cufon. 3. Yes, that it is why I was wrapping it in $(document).ready and $(window).load – tgandrews Sep 14 '10 at 8:14

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