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I've set a schema field to height 2 and see the following for the input area in Chrome and IE.


I'm expecting to have text area that's 2 lines high based on the default text size. I removed the source view option, thinking the tab might affect the size, but it still appears to be about 5 lines in height instead of 2.

It seems to match 2 lines if the text is set to a large font or to a heading. I'd like to minimize the size these fields take in the content entry form as well as hint that authors should enter a smaller amount of text.

How do I make this match the expected 2 lines?

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I also see 5 lines, and the smallest I can re-size the field to is 3 lines. I think you will need to file an enhancement request with SDL Customer Support to get the functionality you desire.

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It looks like it. I'll accept we can't change this in the UI and follow up with SDL. – Alvin Reyes May 9 '12 at 15:28
just out of interest... was this ever followed up with SDL? It's quite an interesting request and I can see the editorial reasoning... – user18879 Oct 4 '12 at 14:39

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