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Do you know a public search engine which allows search on HTML tags?

The usage will be to search websites with HTML5 tags such as <canvas> being able to search over the class names could also be useful.

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Either WHATWG or the W3C listed the most used elements in a table not too long ago but I don't recall how they came up with that. It was done using some form of visiting each site and analyzing the contents but I don't know if that program is publicly available. – Rob May 16 '13 at 12:31

There once was a website from Google. Sadly this doesn't work anymore! Maybe you could contact them?

You could also try to search in this website.

I also found on Google this but this is not free, as I could see.

Otherwise, I don't know a tool that can lookup/search HTML tags! I also don't know anyone, even I know a lot of web developers!

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Not tested but may be this. You may be able to do this within the Opera browser too.

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