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I have been asked if the web CMS I work on can do Korean websites - prompted because other CMS's seemingly have problems doing this. I have no prior experience with Korean websites, but after looking at a few .kr sites and creating a few test pages (by copy/paste) I fail to see what problems could exist as long as you have a fully unicode enabled CMS.

Are there anything beyond unicode that a web CMS should be aware of in order to properly handle a Korean website?

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the ability to read and write in Korean. (including in the source) So are you writing this from scratch or modifying an existing one? – Talvi Watia Sep 17 '10 at 7:20

I don't know that there are any. WordPress and Drupal, two popular examples, both have modules to account for translation into Korean. You might also be interested in the book CJKV Information Processing, reputedly a great book on Asian-language i18n.

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