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Does anybody know how to convert Adsense earnings into Adwords?

Basically, with placing Adsense banners on website, webmaster collects some "potential", or lets say - "active", but its automatically means = money + taxes + other routine work

So, I'm wondering if it can be somehow converted into Adwords "potential" and spend again for website need.

Theoretically, its just Ads Exchange. But, beauty of Adsense and Adwords is that both platforms have pretty solid clients databases.

Any guess how it can be solved? please ...

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Lol sure it's pretty simple. You just collect your adsense earnings, and then spend that money on adwords advertising for your other sites.

If you're asking if there is a way to automatically transfer your adsense earnings into your adwords account the answer is NO.

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Pretty much this. It would make sense for Google to have some kind of credits system where this were possible though - 'credits' that they control would surely work out cheaper than having to payout then letting users spend that money on advertising again. – Anonymous Jul 4 '12 at 14:20
@Anonymous- to account for invalid clicks in AdSense, adjustments in AdWords, refunds, credits, debits wouldn't be impossible for Google. But quite a bit of integration between the two systems. Who knows how far apart they are considering Google acquired those companies a long time ago. – Anagio Jul 4 '12 at 15:00

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