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I have read this question. My question is a bit different from it. I want to know how can I reverse engineer another website that is ranking the best for some keywords. For example some website called example.com is there and it ranks high for many keywords and I want to learn from it how can my website be of the same authority and get the same ranking (or probably better ranking if I found something that they are missing). Can anyone enlist it as a procedure, how to reverse engineer a website?

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Use alexa.com. Does your competitor have 7,000 quality links? Then that's why they rank. Otherwise, you'll just have to guess based on the keywords on the page. Use those keywords too and use good SEO practice in general. Be Warned: Copying their website (including a paragraph or 2) will greatly reduce your ranking. Google penalizes duplicate content.

Also the length of time a website has been online matters. Did your competitor get a head start? Then it's gonna be hard to unseat them without many more quality links.

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Use SEOmoz's Open Site Explorer to analyze how your site is faring against a competitor on multiple parameters.

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Use http://www.majesticseo.com/ to check all the targeted website links, and the new links timeline. Then optimize yours to beat him. (Caution, aged domain always get a special boost in rankings)

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