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I just typed a post title from a few days ago into Google with "quotes" around it and nothing is showing up.

Does Google hate me? I am doing nothing but white hat marketing and even took down the pictures that I ripped from other sites.

Does any one have any suggestions?

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If you mean this post, Google found it just fine when I searched for it. Considering you only posted it today, that's pretty good.

I would've recommended using XML sitemaps and the HTTP ping feature to minimize indexing delays, but it looks like you're already using a plugin that does that. To be honest, I can't think of anything else to suggest — it's simply a fact of life that there will always be a delay before Google notices changes to your site. You can try to minimize it, but you can't eliminate it entirely.

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Google indexes pages which have high traffic, metatags (keywords, descriotion), sitemaps etc, in order to get a better SEO for Google specifically, add these to your websites..

Meta Tags Info

Use 'Tags' for your posts, submit your sitemap. You can use Google Analytics to track your web page traffic.

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