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I have a url link of a company. I need to find all email address of this company. Which is the easy way to find their email address by using url.

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Don't you think spammers would love this easy way? – martinstoeckli Jul 4 '12 at 7:53

Not possible. There's nothing connecting a random URL to some global directory of e-mail addresses assigned to that domain. Or for the company, for that matter: some companies don't even use their "public" domain name for e-mail purposes.

The best you could do here is to scrape the site for any e-mail addresses in its content, but that would only provide the ones they want people to have, not "all." (Why do you want do to this, anyway?)

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Your best bet is to do a whois lookup and hope that they registered an email address publicly. Other than that, @Su's response is your only other option.

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Search google with the following query, note that the " are important as is there being no space between the : and the domain.

Emails listed on their site:

"@domain.com" site:domain.com

Emails listed on other sites (results for this are a little sporadic)


You can also try http://www.outreachr.com as well as the other methods outlined above.

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