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I am looking for an opensource web-based digital asset management system.

My requirements are to create a web based system where users can upload and download .zip, .jpg, .png, .pdf, .doc, .xls etc. media files. Also user management should be there, so that we can create multiple users and accordingly give them permissions.

I have found one http://www.resourcespace.org/ but it looks a bit big and complicated. It is fitting to my need but I am looking and researching a bit more to get some good and more easy to use system.

If anyone knows such web based system or tool, please share.


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What you describe sounds like a file server rather than a DAM system; in which case, an FTP server would probably be a better fit. Though there are also many web front-ends for FTP, which allow you to manage users as well as files. Dropbox, box.net, etc. also have web interfaces. – Lèse majesté Apr 22 '12 at 5:45
John, was wondering if you found a solution to your original question as I am also looking for a simpler Digital Asset Management open source solution but like you do not need the extensive features of ResourceSpace (RS). I do like the extensive preview thumbnails of RS and the fact that it handles both images and docs but would like a UI that could be reskinned more easily too. – user18661 Sep 25 '12 at 0:49

Easy! Use OwnCloud, http://owncloud.org, simple to set up, allows for many users, all files are accessible. I use it and love.

Another option mentioned in the comments, http://ajaxplorer.info, would be my second choice. It was in fact my first choice, and I still use it, but sparingly. It consistently had little glitches in viewing files, navigation was not so intuitive, and setup, for me at least, was not straight forward. I also tried resourcespace.com, as you mentioned, but what owncloud.org has going for it is ease of setup, easily understandable UX, never had any file preview or display glitches, and subjectively, it looks nicer.

One other option could be opendocman.com, although it is specifically for documents, not so much images.


If you are looking for small to medium size project for managing documents on web I suggest you to take a look at following software:

Feng Office

Nice collaboration suite with document managment system.

I listed pros and cons of each system based on their documentmanager system not other features


  1. complete set of features(more than just asset managment its complete collab)
  2. versioning
  3. checkout and checkin
  4. file categorizing by workspaces
  5. easy set up 6.integration with email


  1. bad documentation both for user and developers
  2. hard to develope plugin for
  3. no powerfull community

We have developing experice on this one and we had integrated so many features inside it


Open source collaboration software with nice document managment front


  1. nice and neat ui
  2. complete document manager
  3. accept file templates
  4. easy to setup
  5. plugin system for developers


  1. online editor is part of professional version and its not free
  2. some ajax error happens during our use and cant trace back them .maybe it was our bad configuration but ...


Advance python based system it become opensource recently and it was used by some extra large enterprise like lockheed martin.

It has very powerfull workflow engine I don't recommend it if you dont have time for it learning curve and it is practicaly hard to use it on shared hostings but if you need system for complex use its the best out there but its not php.


It's not open source, but you might like to take a look at Asset Bank http://www.assetbank.co.uk/. It certainly covers your upload/download requirements and has a great user management system.

I see that assetbank.co.uk is the domain listed in your profile - please edit your answer to include a mention of your affiliation as directed in our community guidelines. – danlefree Mar 5 '13 at 16:48

You could code your own using drag and drop file upload and building a user management system around it with say Zend_ACL.

This post on SO has 92 upvotes http://stackoverflow.com/a/4908536/804087 and links to a very popular jquery drag and drop upload system using twitter bootstrap http://blueimp.github.com/jQuery-File-Upload/

But since you need a turnkey application check out these, they are both open source, easy to use, and have the features you're looking for.

http://ajaxplorer.info/ or http://www.mollify.org/


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