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I have my server on WAMP, and domain under domain.com. How do you make sub directories on your website? (as in website.com/subdirectory) All i could get is the ugly (ipaddress)/(random folder)/asdf.html. I am new to website coding so explain it simply, please.

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The 1st mistake you made is to have a WAMP server instead of a LAMP one (this is just my humble opinion). Beside this, making a folder should be almost the same on both environment, you have two choices:

  • Download an FTP client like FileZilla, use it to access to your server main directory and create a new subdirectory. (The webhoster should have provided you the FTP access credentials)

  • If you have something like cPanel on your WAMP environment (which I doubt) you could use the Server File Manager provided by cPanel to create a subdirectory. Anyway even with other control panels like Plesk I think you can do it.

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Yeah I agree Linux would be better for these purposes... But its not my computer its my friends :( – Geore Shg May 5 '12 at 3:59
Your computer could be Window, but the server can be Linux. cPanel with Linux makes you able to manage your server by simply using your browser from a Windows machine or even a Mac. – Marco Demaio May 7 '12 at 17:16

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