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I'm creating an application for personal use and will be needing sports related information such as previews, scores, and recaps. My question is, how do I get said information? Are there syndication services? How do other sports apps on say android get this information? I would be running this in a php environment on my home web server and am fairly familiar with curl. I am however, open to other methods.

I'm looking for particular methods/services.


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I know recently, ESPN opened up their data for freemium. http://developer.espn.com/

If Bernie's or ESPN doesn't work for you, you could always look where other networks like Yahoo Fantasy Football get their stats. Good luck!


Stats Inc. is probably the biggest source of sports data.


Travis Pflanz, your link is broken.

The one of the best sports data provider is OptaSports.com: http://optasports.com/

It is used at many sports projects. But it's quite expensive for personal usage.


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