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Can someone help to query Google analytics to track a specific user behavior and usage pattern?

Currently I pass user id’s to GA as

_setCustomVar(2, 'id', id, 1);

This is session based.

But I am yet to master how I can utilize this to view usage pattern & behavior for the passed id. Say, I need to understand the visualization flow for one id or the page view count for that id etc

Rephrasing, can I filter all existing reports for a specific id that I can select?

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You could probably use Advanced Segments to filter the reports based on your custom variable. However, unfortunately I think you actually might be breaking the Google Analytics privacy policy by passing a user id to it.

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No way are you breaking Googles terms...the ID belongs to the website owner and does not disclose any information about an individual that would break in privacy terms.


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This doesn't answer OPs question. – nathangiesbrecht Apr 24 '13 at 17:15

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