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My website is in the early stages of creating our first product, a place on the web, where one can ask lawyers questions at a fraction of their normal costs.

I got inspired by this video, which is recommended by Jeff Atwood, which talks about getting feedback faster, which is the reason for this question.

The problem Needless to say, we want our conversion rates to be as high as possible. Therefore, we want to be able to rapidly set up a new experiment where we change something on the site (like moving an image slightly, rewriting a sentence etc.). We then want to present the modified page to a random subset of the users. After that we will compare the conversion rates of the experiment with another version. I could very well imagine that we want to run 10-100 experiments simultaneously and it would be nice to have features, where experiments that obviously have worse results will be ended before schedule.

My question Does infrastructure to support the whole process exist?

A short description of our infrastructure... We use EC2 and PHP and have a script to automatically start up new instances with all needed software. Still, starting up a new server for every experiment, seems like a bit of overkill, so I am wondering what other options exist.

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What you're looking for is called A/B Testing. Google website optimizer offers this feature for free.

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