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I'm trying to figure out a perfect size for my HTML5 game area, with the help of Google's browser size statistics, but it seems as I need to restrict myself to such small dimensions because, apparently, people either have very small monitors, or Google includes mobile devices to their statistics. If Google does that, I'll happily choose better (bigger) dimensions, but what should those be, then?

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the reason for the extremely low resolutions seen there seems to be that the overlay image is about 3 years old (the filename says 2009-11-18, the data itself may be even older) - times where full-hd screens weren't as widespread as today and the most used resolution was 1024x768.

this doesn't seem to be live and up to date statistics, so they're pretty useless nowadays (regardless of whether mobile devices are included (which is what i assume) or not) - the data is just too old.

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