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I want to accomplish something that I thought was simple. My wish is as follows: I have a domainname with hosting, a WordPress multisite (with subfolder setup) installed and running: I have another domain at another host and without hosting:

I created a subdomain on and the domain redirects to that subdomain.

Now what I want is to have act like a website, not a website in a subdomain. I would like to have post urls as in

I first thought to do this with the DNS settings of I now have an URL forward, CURL is not what I want and I did not manage to get A-records or CNAMEs to work.

I tried using the htaccess file of the WP installation in I tried 301, rewrite and whatnot, but also without success.

Meanwhile, I have been reading so much that I no longer have a clue what to do. A-record doesn't sound probable, since I have no IP for the subdomain, so an A-record would point to rather than using the subdomain. Also I have no idea if I should do something in the DNS settings of or, both, one of them and something somewhere else. I have the idea that I've tried everything, but the more I try and read about it, the less I can get my head around. People talking about A-records to subdomains while I can only use IPs, CNAME settings that my host doesn't support or something.

Could somebody tell me if what I want is possible and if so, take me by the hand and guide me through it?

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Somebody on the Dutch WordPress forum adviced to me make a wildcard domain in httpd.conf and then adding a domain mapping plugin. Now I've been trying to find out for a couple of days what a wildcard domain is, she explicitly said: not wildcard subdomain. – Roy Mar 30 '12 at 16:42
Hm, look first, talk later. I can't even find the httpd.conf file. I do have a folder names /conf (same level as /httpdocs), but I'm not even allowed to look into it. – Roy Mar 30 '12 at 16:53

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The A Record has to be set to the IP address of your WordPress installation, i.e.

Then ask your web host to add an entry for this domain in its httpd-vhosts.conf pointing at the directory of your current domain And then you install the domain mapper plugin (tutorial) and let WordPress do the rest.

By the way: There is where you may ask more questions if you get stuck again.

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