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I found in wp-commerce the words "Shipware" ...what does it means?

In addition, Where i can find videos or video tutorials/course of cms and plugins for e-commerce? Like Magento, etc. wp-commerce.?

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I'm pretty sure you mean the wp-ecommerce plugin.

It supports integration with a service called ShipWire, so it's perfectly natural to find it's name in the code and nothing to worry about.

Try searching for wp-eCommerce videos on youtube for the tutorials, there are many.

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ah ok,but yes: wp-ecommerce for wordpress! For video course and similar I'm searching video training like lyndadatcom and similar....P.S: i'm italian from Palermo..i supposed that shipwire is for international service. – Seojudo Mar 22 '12 at 20:27

I would check out WooCommerce from WooThemes it's a great ecommerce plugin from IMHO the best WordPress theme developers

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shipwire is a warehousing, packaging and delivery service for online retailers. You can use it with WP e-Commerce. So the code is nothing to worry about. woocommerce is an excellent e-commerce plugin as well. As of April 2012 there is still no shipwire plugin for woocommerce

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