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Question is pretty simple, I think.

How can I find out what the page GUID for a certain page in my Composite C1 website is?

I need it for RSS reading from a Blog within the CMS.

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you can edit \Composite\content\forms\Administrative\EditPage.xml and add:

      <TextBox Label="Id" Help="For internal usage" Type="readonly">
          <cms:read source="SelectedPage.Id" />

so you will see page id during the editing.

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Thank you! This seems a lot easier than where I found them eventually, which was in the DataStores! – mktwo Apr 6 '12 at 7:10

The simplest way to get the ID of a page is to create a link to it (in the Visual Editor or a code editor) and then either switch to code view or view link properties. There you will see the GUID.

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