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My question is: What are my options if I need a Web 2.0 gallery software that work in a very similar manner to this removed web site. Essentially: users can create account, then create and manage their own galleries. And all other users and guests can see these galleries, add tags, comments, etc. Basically a community driven gallery web site.

When it comes to "normal" cms I know a lot of good options, but I never worked with any gallery management software... If you can suggest me some good solutions (free) it would be great!

Also: If you by any chance know what software is used at this removed website it would be even better, because this solution suits me the best and I would have used this engine, but I cant find any information on what this engine is and if it is even public, or privately developed thing.

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Who is so smart as to vote down my post and not say anything? :) – NewProger Mar 19 '12 at 13:51
Try asking them. Personally, I like Coppermine, but there are many more available. – pritaeas Mar 19 '12 at 15:53

I use this for a lot of my sites, its fairly lightweight, it's easily customizable, and it seems to be fairly well supported. Check it out Plogger

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