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firstly, my google webmaster tool said that i have 313 index. but if i search with site:, i only get 72 content.

from this url, it said may because data not yet transfered from other server. ok its fine so i need to wait. but i also suspect content is duplicating in google perspective or may be weak content.


http://ratnadewi.net/english/gallery/bali.makeup/balinese-makeup-and-wedding-i (its will be canonical to http://ratnadewi.net/gallery/bali.makeup/balinese-makeup-and-wedding-i)

what do you think? is it duplicated content? or its a weak content? its an image gallery. and i need translation for any content.

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The content is unique between the pages, meta tags, alt tags and body content. So it shouldn't be seen as duplicate content. I would just wait for Google to crawl more pages.

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