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I'm looking for a minimum of fuss here to get up and running.

Bonuses: - cross platform - portable (can be installed/run from a USB)

Clarification: I'm not looking to setup a full-fledged remote testing server, I just need something simple that I can load localhost in my computer's browser and check my latest changes.

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This belongs on ServerFault. –  RandomBen Jul 8 '10 at 21:42
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it is vaguely on topic, since as a webmaster you might want some local stuff set up. –  Jeff Atwood Jul 9 '10 at 8:21

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XAMPP. It is also easy to do with PortableApps.com but you don't need PortableApps to do it on a removable drive.

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Some options include:

  • XAMPP: (Cross Platform) Comes with Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl support out of the box and is portable but needs manual configuration if you defer from the default.
  • WAMP: (Windows) Comes with Apache, MySQL and PHP support out of the box and allows simple configuration through the tray icon. This also installs as a service so it's not portable.
  • MAMP: (Mac) Comes with Apache, MySQL and PHP support out of the box.
  • EasyPHP: (Windows) Comes with Apache, MySQL and PHP support out of the box and is portable.
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Xampp is easy to install and you can choose to install it in portable form on a USB drive.

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