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I sometimes have bots (I assume) hitting pages such as:



Any idea what these pages are intended for or what the bots are looking for?

Referring source: http://compliance.ubp.internet/notify-CompliancePage... which is obviously not going to resolve because there is no .internet TLD

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This could be a weird example of referrer spam? – toomanyairmiles Mar 12 '12 at 15:36
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Bit of digging turns up this old thread from Webmaster World, another thread from ServerFault. The conclusion seems to be that it's caused by a bot looking for installations of a Bluecoat product called ProxySG to attack.

Seems a security product called ProxySG uses requests like verify-SNL_Splash. Meant to be on the LAN side but apparently it may be possible to attack the product and the external hits you are seeing may be bot's probing to find users of ProxySG.

Googling the term shows a lot of odd results including some sites which have dedicated sales and advertising pages to 'notified-CompliancePage' so it seems like a common enough problem that spammers are taking advantage of the confusion...

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