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I have a site on Godaddy and in the last few days whenever I visit a page on the site with Firefox I get a connection reset error first and I have to reload the page manually to load it.

I haven't changed anything on the site recently and the problem occurs only with Firefox, not with Opera/IE/Chrome. Apparently, my visitors also experience this, because I have a huge drop in visits on the site.

Is it a Godaddy problem? Something they did? But then why no other browser is affected, only Firefox?

Or can it be an issue with the newest version of Firefox, so it's not Godaddy's fault?

Anyone else experience such errors with Godaddy and/or Firefox?

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When you see "The connection was reset," it means that the computer in-between yours and the server sent a TCP Reset packet before the data transfer was complete.

Sometimes this is a problem with the internet connection or ISP (I find the happens frequently with Virgin in the UK), it's more often caused by a configuration issue or corruption of the data stored locally on your computer.

  1. Clear your browser's cache and all locally stored data including cookies.
  2. Use www.iptools.com to ping and tracert to your website, look for hops or response times that are greater than normal.
  3. If the response time problem is with your server, contact your hosting provider.

It's very unlikly that this is causing a drop in traffic to your website, this sort of thing is almost always a local problem.

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Why is a drop in traffic unlikely to has a connection with this? If the average user clicks over from the search results and immediately encounters an error page from the browser (connection reset) then he very likely closes the window and tries another search result, so there is no visit. It does not usually occur to non technical users to reload the page if they see an error. BTW, apparently others also see this problem. –  Tom Feb 28 '12 at 14:06
@Tom I'm saying 99 times out of 100 this problem is down to your internet service provider and based on the evidence provided it sounds like this is your problem. Have you checked your website's headers to see if there is a problem? –  toomanyairmiles Feb 28 '12 at 14:20
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Turns out it was Godaddy's fault. They applied some filters on their servers which caused the connection reset error.

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