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I have some domains, and I'd like to Lock them all, to prevent fraud chances. However, the control panel of the domain seller doesn't have this feature.

I created a ticket for them, to lock all of the domains, and they announced that they've done it, and all domains are locked now.

However, I'd like to see it myself. A friend of mine told me that whois protocol shows the Lock Status, and I checked it out, and saw the "Status: Locked" for some of my domains. But for other domains there is no clue about locking status at all.

The data is retrieved from OnlineNic's Whois database. What should I do?

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Go to www.iptools.com and lookup your domain in the domain info box. On the results page swtich to the registration tab and you should see something like:-


Which indicates the locking status. more info on this from icann

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thanks for answering. I only see clientTransferProhibited. What should I do to prohibit other things to? – Saeed Neamati Feb 27 '12 at 6:43
Honestly, I'd change your registrar to one that exposes locking in the UI - if they don't have this feature then what else don't they have? – toomanyairmiles Feb 27 '12 at 7:47

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