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I'm looking for a slideshow script that's using a delay for the individual slide elements. Made preferably with jquery and with responsive webdesign in mind. It's easier to understand what i mean if you look at Apples version here

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Sequence has a demo specifically aping Apple's style, particularly the iPhone 4s feature gallery. This one allows for arbitrary CSS animations(rotation, etc.)

LayerSlider isn't free(though only $7) and focuses on parallax animation from top/bottom/right/left. There's also a version integrated with WordPress(in case you use it) which can handle a bunch of the tedious animation configuration for you via UI; watch the tutorial video for details.

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That appears to be a pure html5 and css3 slideshow using a <div> with a series of child <figure> elements, each of which contains part of the 'delayed' transition - basically each 'slide' is a group of several images starting their transitions at different times.

There doesn't appear to be an exact slideshow that meets your needs CCSlider (demo 4) allows movable texts appearing a sliding over an image, reveal.js also tilts towards some of these effects. MooTools slideshow allows timed child elements.

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If you want to control it with jQuery I would suggest jQuery Tools from flowplayer it's what I use.


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