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Is it better to put hyphens in a domain name?

QUESTION: What would work better for a two word search string as "green shoes"?

Acquiring the domain OR domain Or another?

Any other tips on how to score high with two word searches

Help appreciated!

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Good answer to your question just here: [is it better to put hyphens in a domain name][1] [1]:… – toomanyairmiles Feb 6 '12 at 23:21

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Get them both and set your dns/web server up so they both point to the same website.

But to be honest, SEO goes way beyond just the url name and I would question just how much the URL actually is counted in the algorithm. Things like page titles, headings, links to your site(s), meta tags and quite a few other factors are part of the equation.

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Would you use a domain pointer? But also I have come to realize that request URL's or pages (after the domain) are lost when using pointers would then result in (withour request params) So, what would be the best method for SEO and google liking and crawling this? – snh_nl Feb 7 '12 at 13:13

Sadly, exact-match domains still have an unwarranted ranking weighting applied. Hypenated domains are for those who missed out on the non-hypenated versions, so if you have the opportunity, then get the non-hyphenated one.

Besides the domain (and on-page factors like page titles, content etc), it will be natural back-links that contain that phrase (or related) to your site that works best - hence Adobe Acrobat Reader ranking #1 for 'click here' (since every link has that anchor phrase).

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and with natural back-links you mean other sites that link to you (not on your own site) – snh_nl Feb 7 '12 at 13:14

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