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Here's what I want to accomplish:

  1. Agent sends email invoice to client containing payment link.
  2. Client clicks link, is brought to a site (ours or a payment processor's), and presented with a payment form.
  3. Client submits form, charge is processed, and dropped in agent's checking account (minus whatever processing fee is necessary).

Regular old PayPal's "Request Money" feature could be used for this, but that requires that the client has or creates a PayPal account. I'd like to avoid that, hence this question.

A few other considerations:

  • Volume is low enough that a full merchant account or service requiring a monthly fee is overkill.
  • Agent sells a service, not shipped goods.
  • Ticket price is static.
  • Due to my requirements' likeness to that of phishing schemes and sex workers (we are neither), I am somewhat wary of PayPal's alleged habit of freezing the accounts of questionable businesses without investigation.

I mention Website Payments Standard since as I understand it, we could:

  1. Have a page on our site (hidden from spiders, not linked to) with a WPS form.
  2. Email invoices to clients containing a link to that page.
  3. Client fills out form and PayPal processes the charge.

I did look into FastSpring, which does have an invoicing feature like what I'm looking for, but their service can only be used (contractually) to sell digital goods. FreshBooks also came up in my search, but is too expensive and doesn't supply payment processing.

So then--anyone care to drop the knowledge on what the best practice is for this? Suggestions of processors would be appreciated in addition.

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