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We have a mailman mailing list however as we all know this is not very user friendly in terms of searching the archives.

I am looking at a way to enable the continued functionality of mailman while having a forum linked to it for a more friendly user-interface approach.

Is there a forum application that lets you mirror the mailman service so that posts to mailman are sync'd into the forum and posts to the forum are sync'd to mailman?

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Now there is a new option -- use Mailman 3. Mailman 3 provides a forum archive viewer HyperKitty (which can also work as a standalone forum). Here is a demo. – xuhdev May 14 '15 at 1:57
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Mail2Forum is known to work well with Mailman and PHPBB. I believe it can also handle other systems like VBulletin, I'm not sure about Vanilla.

I've never installed it, but I have dug through forums that used it to do what you are describing. I believe it also does a good job of handling attachments, if the forum is configured to support them.

Note: Don't expect perfect ordering in message threads, whatever way you go if users can sort replies by their time. You can expect some messages to be dated 'tomorrow', depending on the usage of the list.

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mail2forum for phpBB seems pretty much dead right now, alongside with Drupal's solution Listhandler. Google groups did offer similar functionality through Remote Archives, but that's not available in the new Google Groups UI anymore (though can still be used by now through the old UI). FUDForum still seems to support mailing list integration.

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If you don't need to host it yourself, you could look at Nabble.

For self-hosting, the only one I've run across is FUDforum, an open source PHP forum, but there must be others...

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You can take a look at Tiki CMS it offers such a functionality and works quite good.

More info and instructions here.

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