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I've set up a Zope/Plone web server on I will have several sites hosted on this server. Each site will be located below the root e.g.,,, etc.

With DNS on a Win Server 2008 R2, I've tried creating an A record for to point to and then use a CNAME record to point to one of the non-root sites. i.e.

A record - IN A

My goal is to have one IP for the server and to redirect its '' to a subdomain name. I'm not quite sure how to frame the question, I will clarify and update my question as needed.

Is DNS capable of handling this? or is there a better way to achieve this?

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  • RTFM CNAME RR definition: IN CNAME

is just an extremely bad definition.

Theirsite3 IN CNAME mysites


in zone definition will work

  • All sites (presence and mapping to local FS) must be defined in http-server config. How to do this configuration is heavy server-dependent and I know nothing about IIS
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I think I may be heading in the right direction. Multiple IPs per NIC? Config Ubuntu 6.10 NIC with multi-IP addresses – Davidm Feb 2 '12 at 16:01
@Davidm - Multiple sites perfectly work on single shared IP – Lazy Badger Feb 2 '12 at 17:39

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