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I am a SEO guy and always facing this problem, that PHP sites make dynamic URL with IDs. This is not SEO friendly structure—like this /article.php?id=2987—and need to be changed like this /why-to-hire-a-seo-specialist. Is their any easiest way to change this type of URL structure?

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Need more info: how are the URLs being created currently? If it's through something like Wordpress there are built-in settings to change the URL structure exactly the way you are talking about. If it's custom-built than you just need to look up how to use htaccess for SEO friendly URL structure. – joshuahedlund Jan 31 '12 at 17:20

There are quite a few different methods but there is no single best way - here are a few ideas:-

  • If its a new site choose or recommend to the client that they specify a CMS which already supports search engine friendly urls like Wordpress or Joomla.
  • Using htaccess with ReWriteRule or mod_rewrite
  • Using PHP
  • Using ASP.NET/MVC
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