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I am looking for a program or a tool that builds easily nice websites, like Wix for example, but I need to have its html files in the ens (so Wix is no good for that).

what could I use? or how could I download my website from Wix?


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I would create my own template with Artisteer. You can make really good designs with that.

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Wix is neat but I'm not a big fan. To its credit, Wix has some OK features and can produce some neat effects, but I find it a bit constricting. I have a friend who wanted to get ranked in Google, and he was using a Wix site...from what I could see, Wix didn't seem to be very SEO friendly.

If you know some HTML and/or Javascript, I'd go hit www.jqueryui.com. They let you either start with their themes or roll your own (including color schemes, fonts, etc). They have neat effects, too, especially if you load some plugins, and they all use HTML and jQuery. (There are other frameworks you could choose, too, like MOO, YUI, et al)

It would be better for your site from an SEO perspective.

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