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Google tracks every GET variable as a single page.

1 visit - example.com/register.php?ref=6
1 visit - example.com/register.php?ref=12
1 visit - example.com/register.php?ref=2

Is it possible to disable the tracking of GET variables?

3 visits - example.com/register.php
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The Google Help Page has an answer (copied from there):

  1. Sign in to your account at http://www.google.com/analytics (or click the Reporting tab in your AdWords account and click 'Google Analytics'). The Analytics Settings page appears.
  2. Find the applicable profile in the Website Profiles table and click Edit. The Profile Settings page appears.
  3. Click Edit from the Main Website Profile Information table.
  4. In the Exclude URL Query Parameters field, enter the parameters to remove from your reports (ex: sid, sessionid, vid). Separate each parameter with a comma.

If you only need to exclude certain parameters under particular conditions, or would like to replace a parameter with a placeholder, you'll need to create an advanced filter to re-write the URL.

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