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Possible Duplicate:
How to SEO a Single-Page website

My client wants to have a website similar to this one. I think that this concept could really work well as a simple presentation of business portfolio but I can't figure out how good I could optimize website for search engines because all content is actually on one single (long) page.

Do you have any suggestions concerning this specific case? I guess google would only index one page?

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A one page website like this isn't great for SEO (Google only index 1 page like you say). I'm not aware of a way to have anchor links indexed as separate pages either (happy to be corrected if someone else out there knows of a way). That said, with the site you have shown, the page content for each section is pretty light on - so I don't think there would be a great deal of SEO benefit to splitting it up into different URLs anyway.

My recommendation would be to have a Blog as a different section on the site. If your client is serious about SEO, they will need to give their content strategy some thought and get writing (or hire a copywriter).

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