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Possible Duplicate:
How to tell google that i have changed my website urls?

I don;t know how to ask the question but situation is this. I have the old site with a lot of content that has recently been improved, built with another technology, among other things all the URL's have been coded in a nicer way.

Old site:


New site:


The problem is that Google and other search engines already cached a lot of this content and is appearing pretty high up. If I just redeploy the site with new links, I'm afraid all the search results will be invalid. Is there a way to solve this? All pages are dynamic, so I can't go and do any batch renaming or inserting redirect code. Also, I would eventually like for the old links to phase out, but not that people get broken links in Google search.

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If you are using apache server, use .htacess redirection for your old URL's

In the htaccess file

RewriteRule OLD_URL NEW_URL [R=301,L]

By doing this, even if anyone hits your OLD URL he will be redirected ot your new URL and it is search engine optimized.

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But all my links are dynamic. I don't even know how many are there nor how they look. Also, will the old ones eventually phase out from search results? – Ska Jan 6 '12 at 14:43
If your new dynamic links follow a pattern, then you can use wildcards while specifying the redirection in htaccess, for example : example.com/1/4444/* to redirect to example.com/music/rock – rao_555 Jan 6 '12 at 14:47