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As an added backup, I'd love to have an external hard drive sitting here with my Mac that backs up our web server. Is there any way to have a total backup initially done of the entire web server, with it then doing any changed documents after that?

Server is running linux (hosted by Media Temple, dv 4.0 / Plesk 10.x) Local machine is a Mac running OS X Lion.

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rsync or rdiff-backup are good tools for doing this. rsync is available with MacOS X I believe. I found a good tutorial on how to do use them with Plesk here: http://vmblog.com/archive/2006/12/02/2378.aspx

Quick examples:

rsync -aze ssh root@remoteserver:/var/lib/mysql /backup/mysql
rdiff-backup user@hostname.net::/remote-dir local-dir
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