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my goal is to give the users a friendly url like appname-help which should point to a sharePoint wiki site where we create the help content, the SharePoint url is ugly and long, something like: http://myprojectportal/Companyname/ProjectCollection/appName/WikiName/Wiki%20Pages/Home.aspx

which of course nobody likes.

After having asked the Server guys to create a DNS entry like this: appname-help which points to my web server I am now trying to configure IIS to redirect to the long url, creating a web site and configuring the HTTP Redirect feature it works fine but after redirect in the browser I still see the long old url while I would like IE and other browsers to keep showing the short friendly url appname-help even if the redirect has been done and the content comes from the SharePoint.

What else should I configure in the web.config or should I use the additional URL Rewrite module available here: http://www.iis.net/download/URLRewrite?

since I am redirecting to SharePoint site and not to a custom ASP.NET web application I have no global.asax nor any .NET C# file to edit only web.config and IIS settings for the redirect website to play with...

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I think you'll need URL rewrite, here's blog post which could help – robertc Jan 6 '12 at 19:18

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