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I'm looking to shorten permalinks in Wordpress automatically within the loop but it seems there is no information on the api.

Is dead?

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Per Twitter reply to me this date (11/27/2012) when I inquired (multiple times) why posts were not making it to Twitter but the URLs were shortened.

I would have to copy the "tweet" into a blank Twitter tweet box before attempting to post it.

Once it failed to post, with a "Retry now >" clickable link, I would copy the shortened URL and replace the long URL with the shortened one in the waiting to be released Twitter tweet box.

Now StumbleUpon's reply:

"@StumbleUponHelp: @katiemae_beader Hi, unfortunately we discontinued a while back. We will not be fixing issues for but links should still work."

My response:

@StumbleUponHelp sorry 2 hear that. can't C using if it doesn't post 2 @Twitter or @Facebook. just makes dbl work 4 me. guess another URL shortener

Now the question that begs to be asked:

How, if at all, does deactivation of affect StumbleUpon effectiveness?

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No, it's alive: see the API documentation and there's also a WordPress plugin.

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