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Possible Duplicate:
Which Content Management System (CMS) should I use?

I'm looking for a very lightweight CMS that allows me to design my pages in the exact way I want. All those I found give you standard templates to work with that are quite limiting.

For example, I should be able to have generate a page with one full-screen image with a dynamic text area in its middle, or a toll image on the side with a few text areas scattered around. nothing too fancy... I just need freedom to place the objects wherever I want.

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May I suggest Wolf CMS or concrete5.

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You don't need a CMS for this, just make two files .php, one for the index, an another for setting *(, for select the texts or quotes that you need in the index.php. Of course, you maybe will need a database to reuse old texts.

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if you need an Asp.net application I'll suggest AxCMS which you can use custom template for each pages,but it not easy to use

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Perch lets you retrofit an existing layout with CMS content: http://grabaperch.com/features/existing-site and is quite lightweight. I've never actually used it myself, but the creators are well respected in the UK web design community.

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