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I am trying to migrate my site hosting from BlueHost to AWS cloud based service.

I have the site up and running on AWS with an elastic IP configured, it loads fine when I specify the IP address in the browser.

I have gone into Route 53 on the AWS console and created a "hosted zone" for the domain. I then created a new record set of type "A" using the IP address as the value.

I have a domain name registered with BlueHost. I've logged into the BlueHost account and updated the domain name servers to point to those specified in Route 53 in the AWS console.

When I hit the IP address directly the site loads, however it doesn't load when using the domain name (I get a Google chrome oops error page saying page is not found)

I've tried using this site: http://dns.squish.net/ to debug but it seems to be giving me the correct results.

fizaclegems.com 300 IN  A

Where matches the elastic IP configured in the AWS console. This is the result it gives for all 4 name servers.

Am I missing a step here? Does anyone know what else I should be doing or looking for?


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You should view the domain using incognito mode, it's probably DNS cache showing the old site. In windows from a command prompt type ipconfig /flushdns and see if that helps. You've configured DNS correctly just need to let the cache flush out.