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I have a Wordpress blog (running Feedsmith plugin) that uses Feedburner for email and RSS subscribers.

Currently this blog is located at http://www.myblog.com.

I will be moving this Wordpress blog to a new domain as follows


I wonder if anyone could give me a suggestion on how to edit my Feedburner settings to avoid losing subscirbers.

I've read that in the "Edit Feed Details..." panel of Feedburner one should change:

Feed Title: New Blog Title

Original Feed: http://newdomain.com/blog/feed

Feed Address: what should this be changed to?

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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In feedburner settings, change the feed address from http://myblog.com/feed to: http://newdomain.com/blog/feed.

No subscribers should be lost.

Only do this after your other site is running!

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You can keep the feed address same and just edit the original feed detail. You won't lose the subscribers.

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