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I am creating a site that only showcases catalogs of products. But I want to keep open the option of adding a shopping cart experience later. My usecase would be to create a site and then let the user themselves add or remove content from the site.

Which of the above (opencart or wordpress with wp e-commerce plugin) is a better choice?

Will opencart also allow the creation of some standard pages like about us, contact us page (with forms), etc?

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I have coded in wp ecommerce for about 13 months now. I have one of my plugins in Gold Cart and it is soon to be in the core.

As far as I know, wp ecommerce is not capable of allowing user submitted products. I don't know of any plugins that do this either. Although - if anyone would have them it would be visser.com.au

In short, You would need to code a custom solution.

If you were looking to just have the products as a catalog, I would use css to hide the add to cart button, and I would ensure that the cart is not in a widget in the side bar. This would make the site function like a catalog but not allow the average user to add anything to the cart.

Adding extra pages for wp ecommerce is trivial - simply add a page in tghe wordpress 'page' menu then put the page in a menu.

I don't know much about open cart but I hope this helps with wp ecommerce.

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Thank you 3DFuture! – Sharmila Jan 20 '12 at 10:28
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Hi after scouring through dozens of pages, the impression I get is that, the upgrades of wordpress, e-commerce plugin and the theme you choose often lag behind one another, leading to headaches. So I am choosing to go with opencart.

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