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What action does Google's crawler take for errors 400 and 405?

Looks like few months ago I had a bug, and a few pages available only for signed in users were indexed by Google. Right now all these page appear in crawl errors with errors 400 and 405. The bug is fixed, but Google keeps crawling them and updating the Detected column.

How do I stop Google crawling them? Should I send 404 or 410 instead?

What is the documented action for 400 and 405?

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There is no documented action for those errors as far as I know but they are generally treated as any 4xx error. For your situation, perhaps a 401 Unauthorized would be more appropriate.

As for Google Webmaster Tools, it's notoriously slow at updating its crawl errors section. If a URL still returns a 4xx or 5xx code then it can takes months for Google to stop trying it, even with no links to it.

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