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Possible Duplicate:
Which Content Management System (CMS) should I use?

I am looking for a specific CMS including Wiki, possibility to comment on individual paragraphs of the wiki and making these comments visible on the same page. The CMS should have a user system that allows to rate users on the quality of their comments. Ideally, the System should allow for different user roles/permissions based on their experience. I looked at the site rapgenius.com and would like to use it for a similar project in which people can contribute texts, work on developing these texts and comment on text passages.

Sorry, I am not a software engineer or webmaster but I thought this might be a good forum for my query.

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CommentPress is a theme/plugin for WordPress that does this sort of thing. It's main intent is for academic use, but no reason you couldn't appropriate it. It doesn't have any built-in rating functionality that I'm aware of, but there are enough standalone plugins for that you could bolt on.

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