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I have a wordpress site that has had a large number of blog posts removed. How can i ask google to remove all these 404 page not founds, but leave the active blog posts. I see the removal tool in google webmasters but it doesnt say if it will just remove the 404s. I understand 404s naturally are removed from the index, but i want to expedite this.

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You don't really have any options other then using the removal tool or waiting for them to naturally fall out of the index. If you're concerned about users following those links in Google's search results and seeing 404 errors, redirect them to a related page or another page that explains the post no longer exists and invite them to explore other pages. That way you can still take advantage of the traffic Google has to offer you.

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You can custom-handle the 404s to either redirect back to the root or make it a landing page so they are invited to explore the rest of the page.

Or, if possible, try to re-locate them to the same article in an archive (though it sounds like they were plain deleted and not archived).

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