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Is there a tool that allows me to point to a CSS URL, and recursively download the CSS, as well as all the image and @import urls referenced within it?

For example, if the CSS is at

And it has things like background-image: url('images/bg.gif'), it should download bg.gif too, and dump it under an images/ subfolder locally. If it has a reference to another stylesheet ex2.css, it should recursively do this on ex2.css as well.

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This worked:

wget -rHm 

But it won't work if you have a Windows wget (because GnuWin32's wget is at an older version that doesn't support CSS)

It works on fedora after you upgrade wget to the latest using

yum update wget


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Use Jdownloader it is an open source program.

You can command/ctrl+a then copy the CSS file and paste it into the parse URL place in that program and it will automatically download every thing linked from the CSS.

May be before you do that you will replace stuff like images/myimage.jpg with

Just find and replace all.

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