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At the institution that I'm at, we've been looking for web applications that enable users to create and deploy their own forms. Similar applications are Wufoo, and google forms. Unfortunately, those solutions will not work for us, because we are required to host all data and information on our own servers. I've found a few solutions that are written in PHP, but at this point, it doesn't appear that this is acceptable.

I've tried searching for ".net form creator" but unfortunately, when you search for ".net forms" you get a lot of results relating to created asp.net webforms, which is not what we're looking for at all. I've been told that finding a solution that runs on .NET and windows servers with either Oracle or MSSQL databases would be much more acceptable. I've found a few, but they are open source, and the IS Security people are not kind to those solutions, despite my attempts to show otherwise.

If anyone knows of some solution out there, I would greatly appreciate you passing on the names of those applications!


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