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I want to add videos to my website. I want to click on images and then to show video in "window" and start playing (popups like lightbox). I just don´t know what is best way to do it. I think one of the way is jQuery. I know that there is easy way with video tag in HTML5 but I want that this could be play on most browsers (not just with support HTML5, but not so old as IE6 :) ) and I don´t want to use flash or silverlight.

What options I have? Is jQuery the way? And how can I do this? Thanks

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Have you done any research on this? What have you found? – John Conde Nov 29 '11 at 17:41
Yes I did but I didn´t found exactly what I found. F.e.: I found this: videolightbox.com but it is to complex and I want something easy as this: videobox-lb.sourceforge.net but it is with flash. I think I used it but if someone have better way or better script I would like to see it. – Bibo Nov 29 '11 at 17:57
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I have done videolightbox like you mentioned, and then manually checked for devices like iPad to then swap in my HTML 5 Video tags instead of the flash object used by videolightbox. That is a pain. I found a new method recently which uses html 5 and Jquery. It's called VideoJS.

Goto http://videojs.com/ and read all about it.

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Focusing more on the "Best" part of your question and avoiding flash/silverlight I would go for html video with 3 codecs, or at least 2. Google webm, mp4 and Ogg Theora. Miro has a nice converter, it's not the best in terms of flexibility, but it's easy to use and free.


You also have a lot to gain if you invest some time learning the Popcorn player. What you can do with it is extraordinary.


And if you want an easier tool you can use Maker. http://mozillapopcorn.org/maker

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